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Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson, Arlington MA, Marketing Professional

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Howard Davidson - Arlington MA

Hi, I’m Howard Davidson from Arlington, MA near Boston By day, I’m a marketing manager at sitecues, in Cambridge, MA. By night….well, it depends on the night. I don’t mean to say that you’ll find me donning a Batsuit or planning a bank heist with Ben Affleck, but I’m always involved in some kind of marketing venture in the Boston area or beyond. It’s just in my nature.

I’ve been helping companies reach and engage customers for a long time, more than two decades (I started young, so don’t expect me to send away for my AARP card yet). Currently, I’m in charge of messaging for sitecues by Ai Squared, a web-based accessibility tool for people with low vision. As marketing manager, I've been in charge of sitecues’ rollout, overseeing the design and development of company website and sales materials, as well as creating brand strategy for the product. I'm also known as the chief fun office. Well actually, I order food.

You can call it a restless spirit or creative ADHD, but I’ve never been satisfied focusing on just one marketing challenge. I’ve been a marketing director or consultant for more than a dozen ventures over the years, building brand, messaging, and engagement for everything from military contractors to college laundry service. My recent credits include working with Gemvara, influencers@, messageAMP, and Metropolis Creative. I also love to mouth off on marketing quirks and the sublimely ridiculous with my blog. Did you know that I helped plan the #100Pirates event?

I wasn’t born a marketer, although my parents said I could always sweet-talk my way into a higher allowance or a later curfew. For the first part of my professional life, I was an art teacher at a middle school (marketing is much easier). What else can one do with a BFA and MA from the Massachusetts College of Art?

Other random bits about me: I live in Arlington, Massachusetts and hate any type of physical exertion. I dislike dogs, cats, and basically all animals that aren’t on my dinner plate. Starbucks is a food group for me, and I am damn opinionated and quick to pass judgment. My friends say that I have this nasty habit of finding them jobs. Why should I be the only person who works?

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Marketing, Boston MA, Arlington MA

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