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Howard Davidson

Howard Davidson, Arlington MA, Marketing Professional

Howard Davidson's Bio:

Howard Davidson - Arlington MA Hi, I’m Howard Davidson from Arlington, MA near Boston By day, I’m a marketing manager consultant in Arlington, MA. By night….well, it depends on the night. I don’t mean to say that you’ll find me donning a Batsuit or planning a bank heist with Ben Affleck, but I’m always involved in some kind of marketing venture in the Boston area or beyond. It’s just in my nature.   You can call it a restless spirit or creative ADHD, but I’ve never been satisfied focusing on just one marketing challenge. I’ve been a marketing director or consultant for more than a dozen ventures over the years, building brand, messaging, and engagement for everything from military contractors to college laundry service. My recent credits include working with Gemvara, influencers@, messageAMP, and Metropolis Creative. I also love to mouth off on marketing quirks and the sublimely ridiculous with my blog. Did you know that I helped plan the #100Pirates event?   I wasn’t born a marketer, although my parents said I could always sweet-talk my way into a higher allowance or a later curfew. For the first part of my professional life, I was an art teacher at a middle school (marketing is much easier). What else can one do with a BFA and MA from the Massachusetts College of Art?   Other random bits about me: I live in Arlington, Massachusetts and hate any type of physical exertion. I dislike dogs, cats, and basically all animals that aren’t on my dinner plate. Starbucks is a food group for me, and I am damn opinionated and quick to pass judgment. My friends say that I have this nasty habit of finding them jobs. Why should I be the only person who works?

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Marketing, Boston MA, Arlington MA, social media, social media marketing, demand generation, lead generation, branding, restaurants

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